Hack Coworking London 2019

Cobot Reward

Reward: £500

Cobot Coworking Hackathon Challenge

Cobot, is a web-based coworking management application that dramatically eases the everyday administrative tasks to empower space managers, so they can focus on what really matters – time for their coworkers.

Cobot coworking hackathon London
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Cobot Challenge

The Cobot API is a way to personalize the functionality of our software by extending most of Cobot's features and giving you access to all of your data. Whether you're interested in advanced door access functionality, a custom mobile app, or an automated coffee bot, our API is the jumping-off point for enabling the unique creativity and solutions that our customers bring to the table. We want to see what you can think of that can improve the way coworkers interact with their coworking space!

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