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To see what we can all do as a community, we are launching Hack Coworking Online.
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Due to the way Coronavirus is affecting coworking, our 2020 offline hackathons have been postponed for 2021

About the Event

Hack Coworking is an event series, created for designers, architects developers, technologists, students, academics, IoT startups, innovators and everyone else interested in the future of work and workspaces. We focus to understand the present to design solutions that anticipate, inspire and bring up creative ideas in the form of prototypes with a multidisciplinary approach for what is to come.

Join the hackathon to challenge yourself to discover solutions and opportunities while having the chance to win one of the amazing prizes offered by our sponsors. An event designed for everyone with an interest in how we can improve our life at work.

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For who are we hacking?

The way we live in cities, coworking spaces are acting as catalyst points for new ideas, business relationships and other social interactions. More and more people are becoming exposed to a variety of new skills and knowledge, while building solid offline work networks. Join the Coworkies team at HubHub and imagine a new world of coworking spaces evolving to enhance the entire tenant experience across the real estate ecosystem.

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Urbanization and technology are adding more challenges to the way we live, which ultimately reflects heavily on how we work and interact with the city. Less commuting has been one of the main reasons for people to work out of coworking spaces. What are the next steps to improve mobility and connectivity in our working life?

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Today we can call a workplace almost anything, from cafes to parks to libraries. Coworking is a generational shift and the flexibility is now demanded from workers, especially the millennials. With that there are new challenges around sustainability, making spaces smart and connecting them to the life in the city. Coworking spaces has become melting pots worldwide for work, art, networking and education. What are the new services for spaces that will enrich the life in them?

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Coworking is constantly evolving, creating new types of communities at work from parents to musicians to startups and freelancers. How can those professionals be better connected within and beyond the borders of their spaces?

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What & When.

Who said hackathons are only about coding? Hack Coworking is more than that! Get access to unique talks with experts in the topic of future of work and workspaces as well as breakout learning sessions and mindfulness moments. As the program is still being refined, here is a glimpse of what you can already expect:

Day 1

12th June 2020


Program coming soon

Day 2

13th June 2020


Program coming soon

Day 3

14th June 2020


Program coming soon



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  • The workplace of the future will be more than just a place to do business. It will be an essential microcosm of society that is connected, convivial, commercially viable, culturally aware and collectively responsible.

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    Naomi Tosic Co-Founder of The Office Space Sydney
  • Only when a coworking space looks at itself through the eyes of its coworkers, it can build a strong community in a sustainable way.

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    Pauline Roussel Co-Founder,


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