Hack Coworking London 2019

HB Reavis Challenge

Reward: £1,500

HB Reavis Coworking Hackathon Challenge

At HB Reavis, we deliver remarkable experiences through real estate solutions. Our interactive space plan creates a symbiosis between a space and the people within in. Through our platform, Symbiosy, we are able to deliver data rich insights on space utilisation, teams’ interactions and dynamics. From the operational functioning of the building to the importance of collaboration, we strive to design and deliver spaces that enhance health and productivity.

HB Reavis coworking hackathon London
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HB Reavis Challenge

Workspaces are changing. Your creativity will help us better understand teams’ dynamics so that we can continue to deliver spaces that support productivity and wellbeing. By providing you with a 1-month backlog data of our indoor environmental sensors, anonymised occupancy and interactions data, we ask you to play with the data to identify and quantify informal interactions and predictively avoid meeting rooms ghosting. What would you do? Help us boost the office experience.

Data will be available to teams on Saturday motning.


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