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The Rise of Virtual Coworking

A conversation with Tomokazu Morisawa, Founder and CEO of The Deck (Osaka, Japan) and Manuel Zea, Founder of the Coworking Spain Conference (Madrid, Spain).

The video discusses the rise of virtual coworking, and how it has helped to promote coworking as an industry. It promotes two different initiatives that came during the pandemic: the virtual edition of the Coworking Spain Conference and the virtual coworking community created by several coworking operators from Japan, including the DECK, using a tool called REMO. Digitalization of Coworking. 00:05:00 The conversation starts by discussing the rise of virtual coworking, and how it has helped to promote coworking as an industry.

Adapting to the pandemic and moving forward

A conversation with Davide Dattoli, Co-founder and CEO at Talent Garden

Following the before and after stories of CRU Cowork, The Haven and Coworker Hub, we invited Davide Dattoli, Co-Founder of one of Europe’s largest coworking brand Talent Garden (TAG) to talk to us about how TAG adapted to the pandemic both as a team and as a brand as well as what do they imagine the future of coworking to look like in the regions where they are located.TAG being originally from Italy, the first European country hit hard by COVID-19, but also being present all over Europe, it was very interesting to realize that each and every European country adapted differently to the pandemic, which had, as a result, a different impact on coworking spaces.

The future of Access systems

by Jeremy Fain, Chief Revenue Officer at Welcomr

In our most recent articles, we took the time to iterate on Sombat Ngamchalermsak’s talk during Hack Coworking Online, all about Workplace Adaptation from 2020 and beyond, looking at the impact of COVID-19 on office design and office layout. Another angle we wanted to tackle during the event was technology in the workplace and the new trends that will rise out of COVID-19. And who better to present those than Welcomr, our challenge partner?