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Catching a big fish: attracting large companies to coworking spaces

A presentation by Adam Lis, Flexible Office Solution Manager at JLL

After discussing the global impact of COVID-19 with coworkintel, the way workspaces will adapt in terms of purpose and design with Paperspace and the future of access systems with Welcomr, let’s talk about the crowd gravitating around coworking spaces. One of the questions in everyone’s mind is: will there be a new type of member joining coworking spaces following the pandemic? And if so, who will they be and how to adapt spaces to suit everyone’s needs?

Hack Coworking London meets HB Reavis

International workspace provider with a mission to create remarkable experiences through real estate solutions.

D-2 before Hack Coworking starts! Time for you to meet our last challenge sponsors, HB Reavis! Discover more about the vision and mission of the company as well as their perspective on the future of workspaces. By reading it until the end you will also discover what they will be looking for at Hack Coworking. What is HB Reavis exactly, can you tell us more about your story? Here at HB Reavis we design collaborative workspaces that enhance people’s productivity and well-being.

Hack Coworking London meets SALTO Systems

One of the world’s top five manufacturers of electronic access control systems who sponsors one of the challenges.

D-9 before Hack Coworking starts! Last week, we introduce you to our local partner HubHub, it is now time for you to meet our sponsors, starting with SALTO Systems, one of the world’s top five manufacturers of electronic access control systems. Discover below their product as well as their insights on the future of workspaces. hint, hint — They also talk about will be looking at when selecting the winning team.

Hack Coworking London, meet our local partner: HubHub

An international coworking brand with a local focus.

You might have heard the news already, we are launching Hack Coworking! Curious to know why we are doing it and what is it exactly? We explained it all right here 🤓. Make sure to check it out before scrolling down to get the full context! Now that the context is all set and now that you have a bit of background, it is time for you to meet our local partners, with whom we are working hard in crafting a unique and memorable event.